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Mark David Ruszecki

Mark is the son of refugees. His grandparents were all Holocaust survivors, and his parents were ousted from Poland due to their religious affiliation. This is a very strong foundation within Mark’s upbringing and approach. He is extremely sensitive to peoples feelings and constantly works to balance opposing interests and sides, constantly. He is the consummate mediator, often being pragmatic and sensitive to achieve settlement in situations of conflict. This can also be attributed to his upbringing as an only child. Mark always found a way to relate to people of different ages, backgrounds, and situations. As a result, he is able to engage with all clients, even practically, by knowing 5 languages. Mark is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of clientd and ensures they receive the communication and support they require in their times of need, being a navigator and guide for clients in their uncharted and unfamiliar situations in dealing with their loss.

Admitted in 2006, California
Loyola Law School J.D.


Seymone Javaherian

“Sy” as he is affectionately known by friends, was born to parents that fled the Revolution in Iran to find life and freedom in the United States. Always the fighter, Sy is a first born of 3 siblings. This gave him the uncanny ability to evaluate a situation, determine what is right, and fight for it, either between or on behalf of his siblings. This mindset was prevalent throughout Sy’s formative years, when he became a Student Senator while obtaining his Undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California. Further inspired by this education, Sy determined that his path was best suited in harnessing his capabilities, to learn the Law, so that he could use it to benefit those in need. Always the advocate, Sy obtained a law degree and opened his law practice the day he was sworn in by the great Hon. Richard Stone. Sy takes his aggressive approach and harnesses to be the consummate advocate on behalf of his clients, fighting for what they are entitled.

Admitted in 2004, California
University of Southern California, Los Angeles


Daisy Perez

Daisy has always spent her career helping people. Originally working in the medical field both in private medical offices, as well as a corporate hospital setting, Daisy has always prided herself in helping those injured, ensuring they get the attention, evaluation and solutions they need and deserve.

Likewise, Daisy transitioned her career into the legal world, representing the interests of, and advocating for the injured, as a legal assistant and later a case manager. She enjoyed the interactions and processes of meeting a client and assisting them to obtain the care and recovery they were entitled to.

Daisy, extremely motivated by the process of representing the injured, was then inspired to enroll in law school. Becoming an attorney would be the next logical step in her career, enabling her to have a personal interest in her client's cases and outcomes, whereby she could have the responsibility accountability of assuring her clients that she would handle their case from beginning to end, and have personal involvement in all aspects of their cases, from inception to litigation.

Today, Daisy is quite proud of her practice that she has built, noting some major successes, and having recognition she has always aspired to have and deserved. Daisy's accomplishments are only more remarkable in consideration that she was a part time law student and mother of 3 children, while working full time. Daisy's drive is a testament to her abilities. She is tenacious and hard working, always on top of things and accountable and available at all times. Daisy, like the firm, takes a very personal approach, getting to know every client and being available to them all the time. Daisy realizes and appreciates that clients entrust her with their cases and truly strives to reward them for their trust with a great outcome.

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan

Mark is passionate about representing victims of burn trauma, trucking crashes, traumatic brain injuries, and medical malpractice. Throughout his career, he has earned a reputation as a driven and zealous advocate. Mark has a proven track record of successful settlements in the hundreds of cases he has handled, recovering more than $20 million for his clients.

For his results, work ethic, and commitment to excellence, Mark has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2024 and named as Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in 2023 and 2024.

While in law school, Mark interned with the Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office where he tried over 75 trials in six months. In addition, he externed with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office assisting in the prosecution of homicide and sex crimes. With his significant trial experience, Mark is quick on his feet and aggressive in pursuing maximum compensation in each case on which he works.

Due to his extensive knowledge of negotiating and resolving liens, Mark has been a presenter for the Arizona Association for Justice’s Annual Lien Seminar regarding Medicare lien reductions in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Mark assisted in obtaining the following catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death settlements:

$8.5 million confidential settlement in a trucking crash case
$7.5 million confedential settlement in a trucking crash case
$7 million confidential settlement in a burn trauma case
$1.845 million confidential settlement in a premises liability case
$1.06 million confedential settlement in a brain injury case
$1 million confidential settlement in a commercial vehicle crash case
$1 million confidential settlement in a trucking crash case
Additional settlements in the five and six figure range

Not Licensed in California
Licensed in Arizona and New Mexico


Julie Ahn

Julie Ahn is a fighter for the underdog, she strives to get help for clients that don't have the knowledge or strength to take on the people at fault and their insurance companies. As a Korean who immigrated to the United States, Julie appreciates her educational opportunity and strives to help those who lack the knowledge or resources. Julie excelled at University of Southern California in undergraduate studies, when she first started to work for Javaherian & Ruszecki. Julie continued with the firm throughout her studies in law school where she attended with a scholarship, and ultimately passed the Bar Exam on the first attempt. The firm was honored to hire Julie as a full time lawyer and she has partnered in many matters.This is something that could not be achieved in Korea and the firm is very proud to have Julie as an equal. Julie is tenacious. She has tremendous drive and does not give up. This translates to her advocacy on behalf of her clients. Julie works hard to get her clients what they deserve. She is a strong advocate and legal theorist and this rings through in her works and the results, every day.

줄리 안 (Julie Ahn) 은 약자 에 대한 파이터 이며, 결함 이 있는 사람들 과 보험 회사 에 대한 지식 이나 힘 이 없는 고객 을 위해 노력 하고 있습니다. Julie 는 미국 으로 이민 온 한국인 으로서 교육 기회 를 높이 평가 하고 지식 이나 자원 이 부족한 사람들 을 돕기 위해 노력 합니다. Julie 는 남부 캘리포니아 대학교 에서 학부 과정 에서 탁월 했으며 Javaherian & Ruszecki 에서 일 하기 시작 했습니다. Julie 는 법률 학교 에서 장학금 을 받으면서 학업 을 계속 하면서 첫 번째 시도 에서 변호사 시험 에 합격 했습니다. 이 회사 는 풀 타임 변호사 로 Julie 를 고용 하게 되어 영광 이며 그녀 는 많은 문제 에서 파트너 관계 를 맺었 습니다. 이것은 한국 에서 달성 할 수 없었던 일 이며 회사 는 Julie 를 평등 한 것으로 자랑 스럽게 생각 합니다. 줄리 는 강하다. 그녀 는 엄청난 운전 을 하고 포기 하지 않습니다. 이것은 고객 을 대신 하여 그녀 의 옹호 로 해석 됩니다. Julie 는 고객 에게 필요한 것을 제공 하기 위해 열심히 노력 합니다. 그녀 는 강력한 변호인 이자 법률 이론가 이며 매일 그녀 의 작품 과 결과 에 영향 을 미칩니다.

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